Matthew Hingerty

Office: +61 2 9191 7888
+61 (0) 407 220 945

Matt Hingerty is one of the most experienced political and industry figures working in government relations consulting in Australia. He leads Barton Deakin’s national government relations business and is responsible for all client quality assurance along with assisting Barton Deakin’s clients in the NSW and Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Matt’s career has spanned the highest level of state and federal Liberal/National governments and been a senior industry representative for more than 20 years. Prior to joining Barton Deakin, he worked as a Ministerial Chief of Staff for the first 15 months of the O’Farrell Government. He was also Chief of Staff to minister Joe Hockey in the Howard Government, an adviser to Peter Collins as Opposition Leader in NSW and an adviser to NSW Premier John Fahey and several ministers throughout the Greiner-Fahey Governments from 1988 to1995.

In the world of industry representation, Matt has worked as the Managing Director of the Australian Tourism Export Council, with TTF Australia and the NSW Minerals Council.

Matt has a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Business Administration Degree.

He is married with four children and lives on the NSW Central Coast. He is a member of the MacMasters Beach SLSC, the Central Coast Cycling Club, and the GWS Giants.


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