Julia Kokic

Policy and Business Analyst

Office: +61 2 9191 7888

Mobile: +61 405 955 887

Email: jkokic@bartondeakin.com

Julia Kokic is a part-time Policy and Business Analyst in Barton Deakin’s Sydney office. In this role Julia provides research on government policy and activity, assisting the directors and consultants at Barton Deakin.

Julia previously worked as a policy researcher at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, an advocacy group that opposes over-regulation and inefficient taxes. She has also had experience working for state and federal members of parliament. Julia serves on the current Executive of the NSW Young Liberals.

Julia’s policy interests include education policy, industrial relations, infrastructure and taxation.

Julia is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) / Advanced Studies (Politics and International Relations) at the University of Sydney.

Barton Deakin Briefs

Barton Deakin Brief: 2021-22 Budget Analysis

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