Our Services

Our Services

At Barton Deakin we work closely with our clients as part of their core strategic team.

Of course we open doors, but we do much more than that – we help you understand what’s going on behind the doors, how to work most effectively with government and opposition. Importantly, we help you to achieve your government relations goals.

Barton Deakin empowers you to manage your exposure to government decision-making by:

  • Helping you to develop comprehensive government relations strategies informed by insights into the inner workings of government
  • Working with you to build a case and develop messaging that understands the different priorities and personalities of each decision maker and those who influence the decisions
  • Giving you insight into the inner workings of government to understand how decisions are made and who makes them – so we can work with you to effectively build your case
  • Assisting you to make the most of your meetings with decision makers, providing detailed preparation, briefings and follow up – so you can ensure no hard-earned engagement is reduced to a simple meet-and-greet
  • Ensuring you make the most of engagements and meetings by organising follow-up for all contacts with government

On a practical level, Barton Deakin can help you with:

  • Development and execution of an effective government relations strategy
  • Building a case to support your strategy – and putting it in a context for government or opposition
  • Analysis of policy and how it will affect your business strategy
  • Making the most effective submissions and presentations to the government or opposition
  • Monitoring, intelligence gathering and strategic advice on government matters
  • Contact programs with the government or opposition
  • Training your key staff on the theory and best practice of good government relations.

Importantly, we believe a mature adviser/client relationship is as much about discussing with you what you can’t do, and what won’t work, as what will work in order to achieve success for you.  Beware of lobbyists who promise you the world.


Risk Management

Australian politics is constantly changing. It can rapidly transform from combative and partisan to collegiate and participatory.

Any company or organisation that is affected by government policies needs to be in touch with current policy makers, influencers and decision makers. At Barton Deakin we live and breathe politics and we can help to reduce the risk to your organisation of changing government policies.

Clearly changes and decisions at the top also impact throughout the bureaucracy. We at Barton Deakin have close connections with the bureaucracy, further helping to reduce the risk to companies and organisations to achieve the best results.

Staff Training

In the confusing, ever-changing world of Australian politics, Barton Deakin believes it is important for a successful company or organisation to have a good working knowledge of government.  Barton Deakin will demystify what is often portrayed as a mystical “art” and we can help a company’s or organisation’s senior executives to also understand the workings of government.  Good government relations are like any other corporate endeavour – it is methodical and requires hard work.  We’d love to pass on our insights to your senior staff.