Standing Briefs

Standing Briefs

Barton Deakin maintains easily printable and up-to-date standing briefs, which include:

Parliamentary sitting calendars
Briefs on the economic relationship between Australia and significant trading partners
Structure of government briefs, which include Ministry lists, Shadow Ministry lists, composition of Houses of Parliament, Administrative Arrangements and lists of departmental heads.

Election Maps

Election dates

Electoral Voting

Federal et al. Compulsory Preferential Voting
NSW Optional Preferential Voting

2022 Parliamentary Sitting Calendar

All Jurisdictions Consolidated Sitting Calendar

Parliamentary Committees

House of Representatives Committees Leadership
Senate Committees Leadership
Joint Committees Leadership

Australian Economic Relationships

The following Briefs detail Australia’s economic relationships with significant trading partners.

Indonesia-Australia Economic Relationship
United States-Australia Economic Relationship
New Zealand-Australia Economic Relationship
Germany-Australia Economic Relationship
Korea-Australia Economic Relationship
China-Australia Economic Relationship
Mexico-Australia Economic Relationship
Singapore-Australia Economic Relationship
India-Australia Economic Relationship
Japan-Australia Relationship

Structure of Government

The following Briefs are lists of ministers and departmental heads and outlines of administrative arrangements at Federal, State and Territory levels.



New South Wales

Ministry and Parliamentary Officers
Department Heads

New Zealand

Shadow Ministry


Shadow Ministry


Shadow Ministry

Western Australia

Shadow Ministry

South Australia

Shadow Ministry



Northern Territory

Shadow Ministry

Australian Capital Territory

Shadow Ministry

Barton Deakin Briefs

Barton Deakin Brief: 2021-22 Budget Analysis

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