If your company or organisation deals with government, wants to deal with government, or is impacted by government, Barton Deakin is your partner.  We specialise in Liberal-National Coalition Governments and Oppositions in Australia and New Zealand.  Our sister company, Hawker-Britton, deals with Labor Governments.

Our clients

  • Are companies or organisations wanting to develop stronger and more productive relationships with the Liberals and Nationals in Government or Opposition
  • Are companies wanting to have a government as a customer or supplier
  • Are companies or organisations wanting the most effective input into government policy, regulatory and legislative processes
  • Are companies or organisations finding themselves impacted by government regulations or decisions
  • Are a company or organisation exploring opportunities for grants or government financial support for establishing or growing their business.

Lobbying Clusters

Increasingly, we are engaging groups of companies within a particular industry. They typically have a collective specific issue that requires urgent attention, and do not want to go to the expense of setting up a permanent industry association.  They may already be a member of an industry association who are unable to address their specific needs.  At Barton Deakin we provide the support and advice to get your group working effectively in very short timeframes. Our work with you also includes the “back of house” services of a traditional industry association or non-government organisation, without the long-term commitment.

What is a Lobbyist?

Anyone who talks to a politician or bureaucrat to persuade them on a matter can be described as a “lobbyist”.  Many organisations and companies have internal lobbyists. Others engage external or “third party” lobbyists.  In most Australian jurisdictions, entities using third-party lobbyists on their behalf to represent their interests, are required to be on a publicly available register and to abide by certain rules. Barton Deakin is a Registered Third-Party Lobbyist. Companies should be very wary of individuals or companies who claim to be “lobbyists” and to provide “government relations” services but are not on the Register.

Barton Deakin Briefs

Barton Deakin Brief: Federal Budget 2019-20

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