Barton Deakin Brief: Tasmanian State Election 2024

Date: Feb 2024

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Barton Deakin Brief: Tasmanian State Election 2024

15 February 2024

On Wednesday 14 February 2024, the Premier of Tasmania, the Hon. Jeremy Rockliff MP, announced a general election will be held on Saturday 23 March 2024.

The Tasmanian House of Assembly will have 35 members elected from five seven-member constituencies under a proportional Hare-Clark voting system, restoring 10 seats under electoral law changes made in December 2022. Tasmania’s upper house, the Legislative Council, has 15 members up for election.

Further information regarding Tasmania’s Hare-Clark voting system can be accessed here.

At the last Tasmanian state election on 1 May 2021, the Liberal Party under Premier and Liberal Leader Peter Gutwein secured a third term of government with 13 of 25 seats with 48.7% of the vote. Labor secured 28.2% of the vote and 9 seats and the Greens secured 12.4% of the vote and 2 seats.

The 2021 election marked the first time the Liberal Party had secured three consecutive terms in government.

Jeremy Rockliff, Deputy Premier and Minster in the Gutwein Government, became Premier of Tasmania on 8 April 2022 following former Premier Peter Gutwein’s resignation and his unopposed election by the Tasmanian parliamentary Liberal Party.

On 11 May 2023, Liberal Members of Parliament (MPs) Lara Alexander and John Tucker resigned as members of the Tasmanian Liberal Party and served the remainder of their terms as independents on the crossbench. Both Independent MPs at the time agreed to provide the Rockliff Government support for confidence and supply.

On 4 January 2024 John Tucker threatened to withdraw his support for the government on terms additional to the deal agreed in May 2023.

Premier Rockliff in announcing an early election said the election would be about “who is best able to restore the stability and certainty Tasmania needs, so we can take action on the issues affecting you [voters] right now.” The election is being called more than a year early, the Premier said, to secure strong majority government for Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Liberal state Government led by Premier Jeremy Rockliff will seek a fourth term against the Labor opposition led by Rebecca White, her third election as leader, minor parties including the Greens and independents.

With more seats and lower quotas required in each of the 5 Legislative Assembly districts, the election could see more minor parties and independents elected.


Liberal Party’s 2030 Tasmania Plan

In announcing the election, Premier Rockliff focused on 3 areas for further action to build on the government’s record including economic strength and leadership for Tasmania, low unemployment and new jobs, and infrastructure including the new Bridgewater Bridge and new Spirit of Tasmania ferries, all achieved with the lowest debt of any Australian state and no new taxes.

The Premier said there was more to do to improve Tasmania’s health system, building on the 298 additional hospital beds and extra 2500 health professionals including 1390 nurses delivered by the government.

The Premier committed to do more to support Tasmanians struggling with cost-of-living challenges, building on the government’s Renewable Energy Dividend which is helping to reduce Tasmania’s energy prices, which re amongst the lowest in Australia.

The Premier acknowledged and committed to further meeting housing challenges with first homes out of reach for many Tasmanians as well as high rents, following the building of a record 3000 homes since 2009.

The Premier committed to release details of the Liberal 2030 Tasmania Plan over the course of the election campaign.

Further Information

Visit the Tasmanian Liberal Party here.

For more information, please contact Anthony Benscher on 0438 439 431.

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